A design degree isn’t just finger painting and colouring in you know



With only 4 weeks left of University, the undeniable panic has left me blind, the noise of Made in Brunel responsibility has deafened me, and the strain of physicalising my design ideas as we approach crunch time has left my body and mind in tatters.

OK, maybe it’s not quite that bad, but a design degree isn’t just finger painting and colouring in you know.

Taking a break to write this has provided me with a moment of reflection…

A pack of hermits slaving solitarily hour upon hour sketching, CAD modelling, rendering, coding… starved of sunlight and fresh air and existing solely on peanut butter and marmite sandwiches; undergrad designers very easily forget they are still at University. We have the rest of our lives to drive ourselves into a spiralling whirlpool of dead-ends and disappointment, we really shouldn’t be starting now. I’m sure for £30,000 I could buy myself a fake First Class Degree certificate, but — in the great words of MasterCard — it’s the University experience that is priceless. It is the proud Captain moment as the squash girls celebrate victory to reach the Cup Finals. It is the late night meditations on Jung’s theory of the collective unconsciousness over a bottle of Scotch. It is the 24hrs that I spent working alongside 157 talented minds on design briefs from world renowned companies. They are the memories that I will treasure. They will be the subject of my nostalgic mutterings in years to come, not the missed deadlines or the all-nighters or the grades on the pieces of paper.

Looking back now I realise just how many mistakes I have made but also just how much I have learnt. About design, about life, and about myself. On my very first day at Brunel my mother gave me one piece of advice: “make the most of it”. Now with only 30 days left I can honestly say — I really have.


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