Are you happy?

New Designers


Made in Brunel is a student-led showcase of creativity from Brunel’s designers and engineers.

Working with a small team throughout my final year at Brunel I co-managed the brand; hosting networking events, running a 24hr design challenge, organising a lecture series, designing and producing three publications and organising both our annual exhibition at Southbank and our New Designers exhibit.

A monster to tackle on top of a hectic final year it was a case of kill or be killed at times. But having such a massive workload and coping (even if only just) makes you wonder what the f**k most people actually do with their lives.

Because time is malleable. It only runs out if you let it so the trick is… don’t. You can always make time if you actually care about the activities you are trying to fit in.

However… there is an equal and opposite demon. If you are constantly flitting from appointment to appointment, hitting deadlines, worrying about whether that client is going to get back to you, are you happy? Have you even got time to be happy? If you never give your mind a chance to process your life, you can never fully appreciate it. And if you aren’t appreciating the things you are working so hard for… what is the point in doing them?

Having this moment to reflect, I can finally be proud of what I managed to achieve in the last 9 months. However, if I had realised this earlier, maybe it wouldn’t have been so difficult.


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