A toy for infants 6 months+

To design a toy for children aged 6 months+ to encourage physical development, hand-eye coordination and sensory stimuli. With a practical hands-on approach, the design development of the concept happened primarily in the workshop rather than on paper. (The models shown are all made by hand by myself).

Timmy the Turtle, a push-a-long toy was the result of several months of development and discussion with the Early Learning Centre team.

Initial concept

The original concept; Sammy the Sensory Dinosaur was the result of a weeks worth of concept sketching and research. Selected it for development from over 100 concepts by the ELC team, the dinosaur became a turtle to fit in with their existing 6 month+ animal range of toys.




 Meeting standards


With removable parts and mechanical movement, the biggest challenge of this project was ensuring the concept met the strict ELC standards. Alongside this, the design of Timmy’s character was developed through a series of full size foam models to fit in with the animal theme that the Early Learning Centre had for their 6 month + range.





The final physical models were happily tested by toy tester Molly (10 months) to ensure they were both a manageable size and engaging and exciting.




 Final model

A final aesthetic and mechanical model was made to show to the panel at the final judging stages of the competition. Despite the laborious process, it was considered vital in communicating the design and was key in helping win the competition.



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