A series of headphone concepts


The brief was to develop 4 headphone styles to be pitched to a selection of audio electronic clients. Although the project never got past the concept stage it was a chance to develop my sketching, CAD and rendering skills. Two of the concepts are shown below.




This concept was based on exceptional comfort and usability. Having analysed the market leaders: Sennheiser, Bose, Monster & Beats, the best functional elements were drawn together with a simple but recognisable aesthetic. Detailing up the assembly, folding and adjusting mechanisms and movement was done by hand through a series of skethes before moving on to 3D CAD and renders.


headphone sketches







This second concept was about luxury. Fluid, sculptural forms and rippling water were the inspiration for Pacha. But function was not an after thought. With in-ear headphones that loop securely around the ear and on-ear headphones that can adjust and rotate in two directions, these headphones are both elegant and comfortable.





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