Many people blame the rising levels of child obesity on the increasingly sedentary lifestyle of todays youth as they sit glued to their computer games. But what if you could harness a kids passion for computer games to actually encourage them to be more physically active?


UpDownLeftRight is a fitness tracker for kids ages 6-16 that converts physical activity into points, that can then be redeemed for awesome unlocks in your favourite mobile and console games. The aim was to get kids playing outside, instead of spending hours playing games trying to unlock new features, charectors or levels.


I was brought in as part of the Morrama team to work on the initial visualisation of the device and the continued design development.


UpDownLeftRight V1


The first iteration of the UpDownLeftRight (formerly Powaband) wristband was used to communicate the concept to investors.


UpDownLeftRight sketches


At this point my co-founder Rob was working full time at the UpDownLeftRight studio. I joined him in August 2015 to help with sketch development and the final 3D CAD.


UpDownLeftRight development


Various prototypes from the process, showing how the design developed over time.


UpDownLeftRight Final


The prototypes of the final design where designed and built to house electronics for display/demonstration purposes. The device has a simple interface the shows the time and the childs activity progress relative to their daily goal.


UpDownLeftRight design1

The final product to be launched on Kickstarter in March 2016. Read more here
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